Trendy Craft Beers 2017

One thing that is unique to Australia is how locals embrace craft beers. Unlike in most places where big-name brands dominate the market, this is not the case with the Aussie market. There is an array here of independent craft brewers hailing from every corner of the country. But which are the trendy craft beers in Australia? We have rounded up a list of best craft beers of 2017.

The Best Australian Craft Beers of 2017

Quincemas Baubles

Quincemas Baubles Draft BeerQuincemas Baubles is a product of HopDog BeerWorks. The beer, which made its grand entrance into the market a few years back, still remains a favourite to many. One thing about this beer that makes it standout are the ingredients. It has a lot of fruit in it and you will definitely taste this with your first sip. The beer is naturally fermented in barrels which adds to its incredible palate. With the addition of quince and peppercorn, Quincemas Baubles is indeed one of the most weird and wild beers that you will come across. It’s flavoured with stewed fruits and bitter almond. At 5.8 per cent alcohol, it’s a great craft beer.


Brewed by Shenanigans Brewing Company, this is a great beer worth every dollar. At 4.6 per cent, Grisette is a great beer deservedly trending this year. Grisette is mainly made from fruits and spices, making it one of the more natural beer brands in the market. It is naturally fermented and that’s where it gets its magical palate that will keep asking for more. This is the perfect craft beer to enjoy with friends on a sunny day. Sample some and you will be amazed by its fineness.


Brewed by the Batch Brewing Company, this is an incredible beer to sip down. Though it entered the market sometime back, its smooth flavour makes trendy in 2017.

Chapeau Draft BeerAt 6.2 per cent alcohol, you can just imagine the kind of beast this raspberry ale is. Its main ingredients are fruits and this can is very noticeable from the first sip. It’s these ingredients that give it the sweet and sour taste. The beer is dry and tart making it perfect for cooling down on a hot day.


This is a product of Napoleone Brewers. Although the brand made its grand entrance into the market in the year 2015, it remains a force to reckon with in 2017. It’s important to note that the bear is naturally fermented and it’s made from the locally available ingredients. Its palate is crisp and mellow. The gentle flavours of sweet smoked meat and a spicy finish is what makes this beer unique and trendy. At 5.7 per cent alcohol, this is definitely a great beer to enjoy particularly on a sunny day or in the early evening.

Old Master

As the name suggest, this is a beer with one of the finest touch. Take a sip, and you definitely agree with that statement. Brewed by Yong Henrys in collaboration with Art Gallery of NSW, Old Master is a beer that we expect will remain popular for a longer time. The main ingredients are the rye, biscuits and lightly smoked malts.

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