In Search of the Perfect Home Espresso Machine

As most coffee lovers can agree, a good cup of expresso is only as good as two things, the coffee and the machine it is brewed on. Commercial espresso brewers can cost up to $10,000 and more.

Fortunately, for most of us there is a growing market for home espresso machines and a visit to our coffee machine section can attest to that. Choosing the right espresso machine tends to be difficult without some prior knowledge.  So if you are in the market for a machine that will meet your coffee needs, there are several things as a smart consumer you must consider.

What to Consider When Buying an Espresso Machine


Espresso Machine SizesDo you have enough counter space for a large espresso machine? Some machines can be quite bulky and if you have limited kitchen counter space, it can be quite difficult to brew your coffee.

Source of Water

Depending on the machine, some espresso makers can be directly plumbed to your home water supply. Although this may be costly, if you brew coffee regularly, this can be quite a convenience. Otherwise, many of the espresso brewers on the market have a separate (and washable) canister that can be removed and filled as you brew your coffee.

Boiler Type

When purchasing an espresso machine, you need to consider the boiler type. They include single boiler, heat exchange and double or dual boiler.  The boiler type is important as the boiler maintains temperature consistency and the ability to pull shots.  Ideally, a dual/double boiler is recommended in that it allows for consistency in brewing and steam generation (for those lattes). Nothing is worse than brewing that special cup of espresso, then not having enough boiling steam to complete that “Espresso Perfezionare” or that perfect cup.

Fully Automatic Espresso MachineEase and Convenience 

Depending on your budget, choosing a brewer type can make a difference whether you use your brewer every day or it is another gadget sitting on your kitchen countertop gathering dust. If you have a large enough budget a fully automatic machine is the way to go. This type of machine will do just about everything but drink your espresso. Of course these machines come at a cost. Other types of machines include Automatic, Semi-Automatic and Manual. Once again ease of use and convenience will be determined by how much you are willing to spend.

Well, now you have at least a rudimentary ideal of what to look for in purchasing an espresso machine. If you purchase cheaply (and there are many out there) then you have your brewing work cut out for you. In the home espresso world, consistency is the key word. When you invite friends over for a latte’ or cappuccino you want to be sure that you serve them the best cup short of your local Espresso café.

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