Brewing That Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Concocting the Perfect Cup of Coffee

As any coffee aficionado will tell you the three most important factors to an “excellent” cup of coffee is 1) the coffee, 2) the coffee brewer, 3) the way the whole beans were grounded.  If you like your coffee thoroughly ground from your local supermarket, this article is not for you. If you are an individual who takes pride in the coffee they make and serve, then continue reading. 

What You Need for that Perfect Brewed Coffee

The Coffee

By selecting a coffee bean (not already ground) you can be assured that the flavour will be robust and brewed to perfection. There are so many brands of coffee, each coming from a different growing region such as Colombia, Indonesia, Brazil, and Vietnam. Some like their coffee strong and in that case a dark bean such as a French roast will suffice. Others who like a lighter, breakfast blend coffee would be wise choosing an Arabica bean.

The Coffee Brewer

Coffee Brewers TypeIf I stated there were at least 100 coffee brewing and espresso machines on the market that would be a gross understatement. Depending on your affordable price range, a drip coffee maker can cost from $12.99 to $150 and upwards.  But let’s get to the crucial component of brewing a great cup of coffee the “coffee grinder.”

The Coffee Grinder

Just as an artist needs his easel and paint to draw his masterpiece on a blank canvas, the coffee lover needs that very best burr grinder to pulverise his beans to a sand-like consistency.  That fine consistency will allow water to flow with an exceptional delicacy, which will enrich your coffee experience.  For those of you who have the all too common rotating blade grinder best, you get rid of it in your next yard sale. The blade grinder has a tendency to result in a bad brew quality due to its virtually chopping the beans erratically, thus creating unevenly-sized coffee grounds. Also, over grinding the coffee with the chopping blades tends to create unwarranted heat on the mechanism whereas the friction heats up the beans and creates that burnt coffee taste (and you thought it was your coffee or coffee brewer).

On the other hand, the best burr grinders have a more even consistency.  Many of the best burr coffee grinders enable the user to adjust the coarseness or fineness of the ground. The best burr grinder contains a moving wheel the grinds the beans over a stationary surface. This adjustable moving wheel allows for varied bean grinding consistencies. If using an espresso bean, the fine almost powder-like quality can be achieved not by the blade grinder, but by the best burr grinder. If grinding an everyday “good morning” coffee bean, the setting can be changed by just a simple adjustment (again not something which can be attained by a simple blade grinder).

Depending on the type of best burr grinder you have, a hopper on the top of the machine makes for temporary storage of coffee beans as well as allowing a constant bean-to-grounds feed into a collection reservoir much like you may see in your local coffee café.

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