Like urban cowboys we’ve combined the best bits of American culture: southern smokehouse cuisine and soulful city beats. We’re smitten with the American BBQ states, the way a sunset softens the vast expanse and the good honest, pioneering effort it takes to cook tough brisket and make it melt-in-the-mouth juicy. On the flipside we love our mighty mighty city peeps, and the energy, colour and soul of bustling city life. We like to think of it as American pit-master wisdom meets city chic.

So welcome to our temple of meaty goodness where smoking over hickory chips has imparted bittersweet tones to slow-cooked local cuts. Wash down sweet, juicy meat with handcrafted, hard-to-source beers amber, rich and golden. Or intensify the slow burn with smoked cocktails and snifters of fine whiskey. Get your ‘cue and brew’ at mighty mighty on your way to the Valley; settle in for a long, lazy session; hang out on a date; crash with your mates; or just say a quick hello. Come in, get smoky, leave with happy belly and glad heart.

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